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Armand's Testimonial

I contracted with Dary Reed as my personal coach and found the experience life changing in a variety of ways. Dary has a keen insight into creating pathways for human and corporate behaviors centered on raising performance standards

Our firm is successful in the financial arena because our focus is always upon creating sustainable value for our clients. I found this same principal at the core of the teaching and training efforts of Assets.

My personal coaching experience with Dary altered some of my long held paradigms resulting in increased effectiveness in my personal production.  His teaching is unique and thought provoking.  His business experience coupled with his life experiences brings true value to the coaching experience.

Armand Doucette

Senior Vice President

Managing Partner


Troy's Testimonial

I entered into an executive coaching agreement with Dary Reed in July of 2017.  Since that time, I have experienced much more than I expected.

Dary not only shows you how to manage better but he also combines physical fitness, lessons in stoic philosophy and lessons in the Asian arts of “finding your way.”  He also has the uncanny ability to point out pitfalls in thinking and acting that could be sabotaging your career.

However, being coached by Dary involves hard work, commitment and a change of mindset to that of personal exploration, learning and behavior change.  While this program is not for the feint of heart, or the undisciplined, those that truly commit to Dary’s program will forever be changed in a way that you do not realize. 

I would recommend to any one devoted to self-learning and executive development to seek Dary out.  You will be happy you did.


Troy A. Frostad 

Human Resource Director

Underwood Fruit

Michael's Testimonial

I have had the opportunity to work with Dary Reed along several different avenues.  I have known him personally since 2006 where I met him in the Sunrise Rotary Club in Yakima Washington.  I hired him as a performance management coach in 2007 and worked with him on and off in that capacity between 2007 and 2010.  His professional coaching company was called Assets.  His goal was to promote leadership and team development.

Later I hired him to be the COO of Pro-Motion. As the COO he was in charge of managing and supervising the operational and administrative functions, activities and projects of the company.  He was also in charge of leading the development of strategic business plans that involve the participation of every department.

I think one of the things he really helped me grow as a leader was learning a concept he referred to as, "the Art of Leadership".  It moved me from thinking of leadership as a group of traits to be attained to the ability to create a willing and motivated team.  He helped me move away from thinking of leadership as a thing toward leadership as a process, an interaction and connection between the leader and the team. He utilized stories, business principles and other resources like teachings from Samurai warriors to help make points.  From these leadership lessons I learned concepts such as:

•        Get the GEN (illusion) out. Take a look from a third person perspective.

•        Detach your emotions from the process.

•        It is not you. It is your actions or behaviors.

•        The difference between belief and discipline is like the difference between thought vs. action.

 The key ingredient to developing the company was in creating a vision and then developing a strategy to create a cohesive team.  Here are some of his other teachings.

·        Go with your gifts.

·        Integrate your knowledge.

·        Transform your performance.

·        Synergize your team.

·        Uplift your teammates.

·        Manifest your potential.

·        Dary is a really good teacher and he uses metaphors and stories to help drive home his message.

·        He is passionate about his work and dedicated to the job at hand, his family and to his faith.

Michael Kane


Pro-Motion Physical Therapy

Pro-Motion Functional Fitness