Living Without Boundaries


"So our thoughts, imagination, and choices can change the structure and function of our brains on every level: molecular, genetic, epigenetic, cellular, structural, neurochemical, electromagnetic, and even subatomic." Caroline Leif.
This process, as explained by Dr. Leif is called Neuroplasticity. It refers to the brain’s ability to change its structure and function by expanding or strengthening the neural circuits that are used, while shrinking or weakening those that are rarely engaged.
This level of knowledge of human behavior was not thought possible just a few short years ago. It is revoluntionary to think that we can actually change the struture of our brain by the thoughts we create and entertain. The effect that theapplication of this knowledge can have on the outcome of emotional, cognitive, and spiritual living is life changing. 
For those seeking higher levels of effectiviness and resilinecy in their lives, the truth of neuroplasticity begs one to entertain the possibilities of a life without boundaries.